Sunday, July 20, 2008

The 2008 MasterCraft Pro Wake Board Tour opener in Acworth, GA introduced a new judging format that really helped make the event interesting. It's still undecided if the change in judging format will really change who is winning events.

Many do think it rewards style rather then just trying to have the biggest move with the most turns. Obviously, all the winners at the event were pleased with the new scoring system, but in reality the winners were not a huge change from previous years under the old scoring system.

Another great thing unveiled at Acworth was the new obstacle course the rooftop rail. The new obstacle course was a big hit with the riders and will help to keep bringing on new tricks and ways to perform old ones.

The top male and female riders for this year's tour stop were Philip Soven and Nicola Butler. Neither one is content to rest on the wins they have behind them at this point. They both want to continue improving their rides and are focused on what needs to be done for the rest of the year in their chase to be King or Queen of Wake.

Winner of the Young Men's event Harley Clifford is young enough to still be riding in the boys events. Thanks to his showing by winning Worlds last year he earned the chance to prove himself in the amateurs this year. Prove himself he did with great rides that earned him a spot at the top of the podium.

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