Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Wake Boarding Just Don't Stop!

With events and clinics being held all over the US and world the joy of wake boarding is being brought to all who care to hear. From long term events like the Malibu Open/Quake at the Lake in Pontiac Lake, MI which is celebrating it's 10th anniversary to friends setting up to have fun the joy of being on the water is being noticed.

New riders are coming to the sport regularly and helping to bring new tricks and designs for everyone to enjoy. New companies are forming with new gear ideas and older companies are revamping their designs.

Things are cruising along in this great sport with new innovations coming along on a daily basis. Riding styles are ever evolving and changing with the new set ups and many riders are finding new tricks and set ups to challenge themselves with. The new scoring system for the professional events is also changing things up.

As the year goes by and more events are held we shall see how the new scoring system works out. It should make events different from last year and keep things interesting for everyone involved. In such a fun sport and lifestyle the more things change to keep interesting and fresh the more everyone enjoys themselves and wants to keep making changes.

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