Sunday, July 20, 2008

Florida Fun

From little lakes dotting the state to set-ups like the Projects in Bithlo and the surrounding oceans, Florida is a great place for all water sports.

Surfing has been big for many years now with well know stores like Ron Jon's and lesser known places like Cape Surf providing for the assorted needs for water sport enthusiasts.

Water parks are also starting to catch on and offer things like surfing rooms and wake pools. The big name Ron Jon's is also building a resort dedicated to water sports of all sorts. Set to open in spring 2010 it will draw those interested in all sorts of water sports and their history to central Florida.

Having been a popular tourist destination for years thanks to large amusement parks makes it easier to attract people to the state for other diversions.

Vacation packages are offered for people interested in enjoying the opportunities offered by the main water sports offered in the state.

With new water sports and places to enjoy those sports Florida will continue to be a huge draw to all those who love the water and things that can be done on and in it.

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