Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sesitec System 2.0

German cable manufacturer Sesitec introduced their new System 2.0 at the 2008 World Wake Park Championships at the CamSur Watersports Complex in the Philipines.

It won't make it's way to the US until the final stop of the Byerly Toe Jam Tour in Bithlo, FL on September 20-21. It is currently available for sale in the US as of July 7th through The Wake Park Project.

It was developed as two tower part of larger shows using five or six towers as their main event. The entire set up can be broken down to fit in the bed of a truck making it easy to transport for smaller events or even friends getting together to have fun. Rather then one cable in a loop that can leave slack for the ride there are two cables keeping tension consistent for an even ride. A quiet electric motor can be set to different speeds at the push of a button.

The system is likely to become a part of many shows in the 2009 season as it's ease of use and set up makes it an easy choice on many levels. It's price and portability also allow for it to become a favorite of riders looking for a new way to enjoy the water.

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