Sunday, July 20, 2008

Water Sport Pros Keeping the Sport Alive!

Even though watersport professionals don't receive the same recognition as professionals in football or basketball, they are just as important to the sport as a whole.

For one thing, they bring new ides for tricks to t
he viewers at events and even come up with new set ups, increasing the enthusiasm for the sport and creating greater participation by both professionals and amateurs.

Some professional riders are also bringing greater attention to wake boarding with their designs of boards and other gear. Entire lines of gear are rapidly snatched up by avid fans when things are made and endorsed by their favorite rider. From boots to boats there are professionals involved in art, design, changes and improvements. With boards that will perform and do all they want some professionals are helping to blur the lines in different water sports.

The customized boat that Scott Byerly recently designed is just another way that professional riders are changing and improving things in all water sports. His touch on so many things affecting water sports is easy to see and has influenced many new riders. Other professionals have followed him in designing entire lines of gear and clothing.

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